• Ajay Patil, at the age of 24, set up Quick Jobs Placement with six years of experience working in an engineering company.
  • Quick Jobs Placement was launched in May 2010 with the aim of providing high quality fast service as the name suggests.
  • It is a non-IT placement agency and we are successfully providing all kinds of manpower and office staff for engineering and manufacturing companies.
  • The team is a need of the hour and over a period of 10 years we have made a lot of changes in the workforce and delivery service for the convenience of our customers so that we can save our customers time and reduce the hassle of employees in their business.
  • In the last few years, we have been recruiting small and senior level employees in small and large companies all over India, our placement has been established in Vasai and our employment organization in Vasai is at a high level.
  • In Vasai we are number 1 in customer preference.
  • Choosing the right person at the right time, in the right place is the key to a successful business and our placement service is great for that.
  • When selecting an employee, the employee is selected on the basis of whether he / she will be working with the company for maximum time, his / her ingenuity, humility in work, work experience as per the needs of the company, record in the previous company.
  • We select a person in such a way that it is almost 90% no replacement need other perthat he will be replaced.
  • We select employees only after understanding the customer's needs and determining if they have the ability to meet those needs to the fullest.
  • Does he really need a job? Will he be honest ?Will he carry out his assignments properly? His ingenuity will benefit our company ?We are working with all such customers in mind.?
  • We do not charge employees before hiring or job guidelines.
  • At the time of hiring, his / her bio data is sent to the company.
  • We do not charge employees before hiring or employing guidelines
  • At the time of hiring, his / her bio data is sent to the company with Their Proper details 

Our Commitment

  • To provide our clients with a selection of the best qualified and professional candidates available in the market.
  • Giving more importance to the privacy of our customers and candidates.
  • We provide our customers with the best value for money